rcfile confusion?

1999-09-27 03:50:34

Hi all,

I finally sat down and tried to make MHonArc produce RDF output rather
than HTML. Things are almost working. I want only 5 messages to show
up on a single RDF index. Howver, after I get things working, I still
want to produce longer date and thread indexes from the same
.mhonarc.db.  So I tried using <IDXSIZE>, but That didn't work very well.
Running the appended rcfile on seven messages, it produces an
RDF index page with 7 - 5 = 2 blank entries. 

Any suggestions? 


PS It's way cool how easy it is to use MHonArc for non-HTML output.


$ mhonarc -v
  MHonArc v2.4.3 (Perl 5.00503)

$ uname -a
Linux gabor 2.2.10 #2 Sun Aug 8 05:09:48 PDT 1999 i586 unknown

$ cat /etc/issue
Debian GNU/\s potato \n \l


<!-- This is a MHonArc rcfile, which is designed to
     generate RDF output. RDF is format designed for
     computer to computer communications of data, and
     might be used for providing information produced
     on one web site for display on another. RDF 
     contains content information -- and absolutely no 
     information regarding how to render that content.
     I used
     for reference when writing this rcfile.

     Jeff Breidenbach, jeff(_at_)jab(_dot_)org, Aug 26, 1999

<!-- ------------------------------------ -->
<!-- Section 0: Configuration adjustments -->
<!-- ------------------------------------ -->

<!-- How many messages do we want on the RDF index? -->

<!-- ----------------------------- -->
<!-- Section 1: Specify RDF markup -->
<!-- ----------------------------- -->


<?xml version"1.0"?><rdf:RDF

    <description>Public mailing list archives.</description>







<!-- ----------------------------------------------------- -->
<!-- Section 2: Remove any HTML left from default settings -->
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------- -->




<!-- --- -->
<!-- End -->
<!-- --- -->

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