Re: -scan and DOS

1999-09-26 21:26:58
On September 26, 1999 at 19:18, "Steve Pacenka" wrote:

Invoking perl directly is known to work, but is inconvienent, and can
be awkward.  I haven't checked to see if using something like a Cygwin
bash shell will handle I/O redirection when invoking dos batch files.

If someone is using Cygwin/bash, they can do better than using a .bat file
for mhonarc.  They could use a unix-like install and put a valid #! command
in the first line of the mhonarc script file.  Or they could alias

Yes, assuming you are using the cygwin port of perl.  If using
ActiveState's port, then the program will go into Windows
mode.  One would have to manually tweak the #! line of installed
programs (note, the #! is set, but it the pathname uses DOS drive/path

Note, determines the platform from Perl, and not from
the shell.  I've been wondering if should support options
to force what environment to use instead of auto-detecting.

Something to consider when using Cygwin is which Win32 Perl interpreter is
being used.  There is a Cygwin-specific Perl variant that may use Cygwin's
way of referring to disk partitions:


Normally, you do not need to do this if you use mount to hide the
the various drives.


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