Re: -scan and DOS

1999-09-25 02:27:01
On September 24, 1999 at 19:39, dizzy wrote:

My question is... when I use -scan in dos I cant get dos/perl to outoput
a file for me. The screen scrolls by but....
Ive tried
mhonarc  -scan -OUTDIR 919mail >scan.txt
mhonarc  -scan -OUTDIR 919mail |more>scan.txt
neither work Im assuming its something to do with perl not reconising
the > redirection, then getting dropped back into dos
Does anyone have suggestions?

The problem is batch files do not handle I/O redirection like Unix-based
shell scripts.  If you are using a recent release, you could try: -scan -outdir 919mail >scan.txt
    mhonarc -scan -outdir 919mail -stdout scan.txt

My setup is win98 and although I have 2 other linuxes connected via
ethernet Im using win98 because its just easier to work in.

Win98 easier to work in?  Them fighting words :-)
Though, I am curious as to why.


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