Re: -scan and DOS

1999-09-25 08:58:36

Earl Hood wrote:

The problem is batch files do not handle I/O redirection like Unix-based
shell scripts.  If you are using a recent release, you could try: -scan -outdir 919mail >scan.txt
    mhonarc -scan -outdir 919mail -stdout scan.txt

excellent! both work- thanks.  The former needs me to precede with perl even
though I have perl.exe associated with .pl [sigh]
I'd need ...
perl -scan -outdir 919mail >scan.txt
neverthe less Im happy I get the output file

My setup is win98 and although I have 2 other linuxes connected via
ethernet Im using win98 because its just easier to work in.

Win98 easier to work in?  Them fighting words :-)
Though, I am curious as to why.

yikes!.... I wasnt was late... I was tried when I wrote
that...I've been hanging around alot of win9x people lately...
seroiusly though... My reasons are that, both of my Linux computers are low
enders. My local webserver dosent even have a monitor, its a mere 486 DX my
htdocs are linked to a burned cd because of a small HD. My better Linux is a
p90 with 24 ram and a 10 year old monitor which only does 640x480 I have to
run netscape 3...
I started using pine for mail but then viewing so many messages in b&w
prompted my going to Mutt which was a learning curve it it'self. For my use at
the time it was just a bit.... time consuming  to use.
Also for news... although Leafnode is a great program it fragments the paths
to spool/news/alt/news/comp/os/linux/group/advocate
I know I could path to it etc.. and I could easily convert messages with
Mhonarc even using the lowest end machine in Linux. My win98 is just just move
visual for me at this time, actually Im originally a win9x user who's been
very interested in Linux for about 2 years on and off and for the past 3 or 4
months Ive been on the off side (forgive me)
Eventually.. I do plan to move completely to Linux It just takes some of us
Thanks for the program and the soultion(s) to my problem
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