Re: -scan and DOS

1999-09-25 18:38:17
On September 25, 1999 at 08:38, dizzy wrote: -scan -outdir 919mail >scan.txt
    mhonarc -scan -outdir 919mail -stdout scan.txt

excellent! both work- thanks.  The former needs me to precede with perl even
though I have perl.exe associated with .pl [sigh]

I guess using directly works only under NT.  I never
bothered to check under Win9x.

I added the -stdout and -stderr options to deal with inferior shell
environments.  Plus, -stderr can be used for rudimentary error logging.

I'd need ...
perl -scan -outdir 919mail >scan.txt
neverthe less Im happy I get the output file

Invoking perl directly is known to work, but is inconvienent, and can
be awkward.  I haven't checked to see if using something like a Cygwin
bash shell will handle I/O redirection when invoking dos batch files.


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