Re: rcfile confusion?

1999-09-28 14:28:36
On September 28, 1999 at 01:20, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

Hmmm... XML question #2.

Is it possible to produce something like the following:



I see $A_ATTR$ and $A_HREF$ available for the LITEMPLATE resource, but
nothing that appears to give the unadulterated message URL. My guess
is that it is not an available resource variable, right?  As far as I
can tell, this is the only thing holding MHonArc back from being able
to produce RDF files.

MHonArc uses relative URLs (makes archives portable).  You want an
absolute URL, and how would MHonArc know what the base URL is?  What
you will need to do is use a DEFINEVAR to set the base URL and then
reference it when you need it.  For example:

<DefineVar chop>

I think for how you use mhonarc, you'll probably want to use a
command-line option to define the resource variable:

    -definevar X-BASE-URL=

This way you can have a single shared resource file for all archives.

BTW, you can use $MSG$ to get the filename for a given message if
for some reason $A_HREF$ does not work for you.


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