Re: Help with changing look of archives!

1999-09-30 21:24:01
On September 29, 1999 at 23:00, "Grant Griffith" wrote:

   I am not following how to get the archive files to be modified.  I have we
nt through all the documentation and just do not understand what I need to do
 to change the backgound and/or change the looks of all the pages.

   Could someone possibly give me some example files to use as a starting poi
nt?  I am sure I can go from there, but the documentation just is not helping

Some pointers that may help you:

Look at the IDXPGBEGIN, TIDXPGBEGIN, and MSGPGBEGIN resources.  These
resoures determine the starting HTML markup for main index pages,
thread index pages, and message pages, respectively.  The IDXPGBEGIN
resource page has an example on how you can set attributes the HTML
<BODY> element to control page appearance.  For the list of resources
to control entire pages, see the "Page Layout" sectiong of the

All resourse reference pages give the default values resources, and
many even include examples.  A common approach to to copy from the
reference page to your own resource file and then make any edits to
suit your needs.  There are also some example resource files in the
"examples" directory of the MHonArc distribution.

If you are fuzzy about MHonArc resources, and resource files, see the
section on "Resources" and the RCFILE resource page.  To get mhonarc to
read you resource file, use the -rcfile command-line option.

Note, if you do not have the latest version of MHonArc, I recommend
getting it.  MHonArc documentation does change between releases, and
(hopefully) is getter better.  Also, significant doc changes can occur
between minor releases.  Documentation changes are rarely noted in the
CHANGES file of the disctribution.  The latest docs are always
available from the MHonArc home page:


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