Re: Help with changing look of archives!

1999-10-01 06:40:03

Date sent:              Wed, 29 Sep 1999 23:00:22 -0400
From:                   "Grant Griffith" 

   I am not following how to get the archive files to be modified.  I have
   went through all the documentation and just do not understand what I
   need to do to change the backgound and/or change the looks of all the

   Could someone possibly give me some example files to use as a starting
   point?  I am sure I can go from there, but the documentation just is
   not helping!

I just been through this myself, and decided that the best
solution is to use a style sheet. That way I can change the
look of the entire archive at any time without rebuilding or
modifying the resource files. All I have to do is edit the
style sheet.

My test archive is not yet live (still a few search engine
problems to be resolved), but you are welcome to look at it -

Grab the source of one each of a message page, date index page,
and threads index page. Afterwards, look for 'stonelist.css' in
your browser cache.

Ignore the rough edges and incomplete external links --
the principle should be clear.

~~~ Rick ~~~

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