ANNOUNCE: MHonArc v2.4.4. available for download

1999-10-01 15:44:19
MHonArc Users,

MHonArc v2.4.4 is now available for download.  Goto
<> for download information.

The following summarizes the enhancements and bug fixes in this

    o   Added the following resources:
            MIMEDECODERS        Content-Transfer-Encoding decoding

    o   Added the following resource variables:

            $PGLINKLIST$        Print out a list of index page links.

    o   New content filter for message/external-body.

    o   Message/delivery-status content handled by

    o   Support for "Zone[+-]DDDD" timezone specification.

    o   MAILparse_parameter_str() function added to
        Function supports parsing parameter value strings with support
        for RFC 2184 extensions.  Function added to provide
        support for message/external-body filter.

    Bug Fixes
    Problem:    Text/html filter died with a "Modification of
                non-creatable array" error when a relative URL
                exists in body data, but no base URL defined for
                the html data.
    Solution:   Fixed in

    Problem:    Error "Can't modify keys in scalar assignment" occurs
                when using older version of Perl 5.
    Solution:   Later Perl 5 releases support keys operator as an
                lvalue to preallocate a hash.  Assignment put in
                an eval block to avoid program termination.

    Problem:    Setting IDXSIZE < MAXSIZE for a single page index
                causes the generation of incorrect list entries and
                null list entries.
    Solution:   Fixed in

    Problem:    Using entity references within MONTHS, WEEKDAYS, et al,
                not supported and caused names to be incorrect.
    Solution:   The semi-colon, ';', was treated as an undocumented
                list separator in resource files.  "Feature" removed.


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