Re: Unrecognized character set

1999-10-02 18:13:25
On Sat, 2 Oct 1999, Earl Hood wrote:

As for the non-standard "windows-1252" character set, the only
potential gotcha is when characters between the range of 128-159
exist.  This range is not defined by ISO-8859 charsets, and Windows
historically has used the range for Windows-specific characters.

Actually 127-159 since even 127 may bear a character.

I assume that characters within 160-255 match the iso-8859-1 character
set, but someone else will have to confirm that.  I have not seen a
document listing the specifics of windows-1252.  If anyone has any
pointers, pass them along.

I assume that windows-1252 is the character set used in International
English Windows, which is a superset of ISO 8859-1. I have no pointer, but
I done the comparison to find out.

A reasonable action would be to replace all characters 127-159 with '?'
when converting to ISO 8859-1. Some mail client, e.g. Eudora, will use the
windows character set, but announce it as ISO 8859-1.

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