Re: Help with subdir and usename

1999-10-11 11:40:42
On Sun, 10 Oct 1999, Earl Hood wrote:

On October 10, 1999 at 23:57, Davidek Tomas wrote:

  I am trying to setup the mail archive powered by MHonArc. Everything
works nice but I am unable to achieve the attachments to be saved under
their original names. I've read the mimeargs documentation and some
examples in this mailing list, but this didn't work.

If my rcfile looks :
m2h_external::filter;usename subdir

You want to use the MIMEARGS resource.  Note you may want to use the
"override" attribute to replace the default settings.

Yes, but that should be all I have to specify, or not ? How can I specify 
the override option ? I would have understood if the above setting
wouldn't have any influence, but it results in the ERROR (please see
previous mail) ? 

I should also mention I am suing mhonarc version 2.1, but as I read in the
mailing list, the subdir option already came with 2.0, so this should be

Thanks for help in advance.

Best regards


 E-mail : Tomas(_dot_)Davidek(_at_)cern(_dot_)ch,

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