Re: Customizing HTML Output

1999-10-15 09:41:10

"Brainiac Design" wrote
How do I customize the HTML output by MHonArc to match my website?  I need
step by step instructions.

It's easier and quicker than you think.

1. Look for 'layout.html' in the documentation.
   It describes the logical layout of the each
   of the three kinds of page. All your markup
   must be included within the resources shown
   -- though you don't have to use all of them.

2. Create a resource file using the default
   values shown for each resource. Run the script
   with the -rcfile flag. Now you have plain
   vanilla output

3. Choose a few representative pages, including
   at least one each of 'message', 'date index',
   and 'thread index'. Add them to your HTML
   editor, and stir until you have the right
   chunky chocolate chip look.

4. Now you must translate from your finished
   markup back to the resource templates. Use
   a straight text editor for this. Replace
   the variable sections of your markup file
   (eg: subject, date, page number, etc) with
   the original resource variables from the
   resource file.

5. Match your edited markup to resources. It's
   simpler if they correspond closely, but it
   is not essential. For example, you could
   have a <TABLE> beginning in one resource,
   and ending </TABLE> in another. You may want
   to insert variables that were not in the
   original resource file. The documentation
   for each resource tells you what you can

6. Run the script again, and return to step 3.

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