m2h_external::filter arguments aren't working.

1999-10-15 12:50:29

I've just started using MHonArc as a mail to HTML gateway, and I'm 
impressed with it!

However, I can't get the attachments to save correctly. From what I can 
make out of the documentation and all the entries in this list's archive, 
to force your attachments to be saved with the correct name, and in a 
subdirectory, we are supposed to have something like this in the resource 

m2h_external::filter;usename subdir

When I run mhonarc using this resource file, it saves the attachments in 
the normal way (ie: with names like jpg0000.jpg) and not in a subdirectory. 
MHonArc is reporting that it is reading the resource file correctly, but 
doesn't seem to take any notice of it!

Can someone give me some help here? I'm using MHonArc 2.4.4 (the latest, I 

Shaun Plumb
Media Image Dynamics

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