RE: m2h_external::filter arguments aren't working.

1999-10-18 04:20:25

It _was_ Friday evening - I hadn't thought that as I was using a JPG it 
would take the settings for images rather than the external filter! It now 
works as expected.

Many thanks
Shaun Plumb

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Subject:        Re: m2h_external::filter arguments aren't working.

On October 15, 1999 at 18:08, shaunp wrote:

m2h_external::filter;usename subdir

When I run mhonarc using this resource file, it saves the attachments in
the normal way (ie: with names like jpg0000.jpg) and not in a 
MHonArc is reporting that it is reading the resource file correctly, but
doesn't seem to take any notice of it!


 However, if you still want to "preserve" the current settings but
add the new options, you will need to do:

image/gif;       inline usename subdir
image/jpeg;      inline usename subdir
image/x-xbitmap; inline usename subdir
image/x-xbm;     inline usename subdir
m2h_external::filter;usename subdir

Using "override" here depends if there other MIMEArgs settings
you want to preserve or not.

WARNING: Using "usename" is a potential security risk.  It has
come to my recent attention that "usename" or "usenameext" opens
up attacks by exploiting server-side includes (SSIs).  I.e. Data
can specify a filename with a ".shtml" extension, and if SSI is
enabled, the data can specify SSIs that could exploit your

Also, it is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to not have SSIs active for
".html" files.  Currently, SSIs in HTML message data are not
removed byt the text/html filter, so someone can compromise
your site by sending an HTML message with SSI directives.


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