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1999-10-18 04:16:35
On Sat, 16 Oct 1999 18:29:10 +0200
   "Brainiac Design" <brainiac-d(_at_)fbhm(_dot_)com> wrote:

I'm trying to edit the line that says, "Mail Converted by MhonArc
2.4.4." What file is that line in?  The reason I'm asking is the
font doesn't work to well with the font on my site.

For the main index sorted by date it is specified in the
<ListEnd> Resource

For the index sorted by thread, it is specified in the
<TFoot> Resource

For the message page, it is specified in the <MsgPgEnd> Resource

To give you a sample code, here is my change:

<img src="$X-MHonArc-Icon$">&nbsp;
$X-Converted-by$ <a href="$DOCURL$"><code>MHonArc</code></a> $VERSION$

I have defined an X-Converted-by variable in order to make
localization very easy:

<DefineVar chop>
Mail konvertiert mit Hilfe von


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