Re: Couple of easy ones ;-)

1999-10-18 07:02:40

dizzy73 wrote:

HI All
        Ummm... forgive me but Im feeling a bit lazy... (its fri evening
Ive had a long week, my local webserver is down eg mhonarc docs..)

heh ... what a bonehead..... shows not to post a message after late night
(and expect any help....)

My 2 questions are
1. I would like to completely strip the hedars form the displayed
messages or at least not have them displayed.

Well... for whats its worth.... I found that to eliminate the headers it was
as simple as
<Excs Override>
(of course removing the existing Excs)
this completely removes the headers, very nicely I might add

2. Im looking for a simple 2 frame layout
parent (links)
child (display)
I can design/figgure out both but Id sure appreciate any suggestions

Ive yet to find a decent (simple) frame setup, althought I suppose I'll come
across or design one in time

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