Re: Installation error on Debian Hamm system?

1999-10-18 16:16:50
On October 16, 1999 at 14:13, "Chris Evans" wrote:

  MHonArc v2.4.3 (Perl 5.00404) 

However, on trying to deal with an mbox archive I get: 

$ mhonarc -rcfile icons.rc /usr/lib/listar/lists/testl/files/mbox/* 
Reading resource file: icons.rc ... Converting messages to . 
Reading /usr/lib/listar/lists/testl/files/mbox/testl.1999-02 . Can't 
locate object method "faculty" via package "list" at (eval 2) line 3, 
<FOPEN2> chunk 25. 

If I don't invoke the icons.rc file (much modified by me but running 
successfully under a much earlier version of MHonArc that came 
with the Debian OS) then I get the defaults from MHonArc.  Clearly 

You should provide your icons.rc file since we can only speculate
on what the problem may be.


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