conversion of iso-8859-2 part

1999-10-21 14:23:49
  sorry to bother you with the maybe simple problem, but I can't find
solution. Below is a typical part of messages, from which I want to
generate the mail archive. I think this is mime-encoded, since e.g. Pine
displays it correctly, but its source looks different. So, the problem is
that mhonarc substitutes strange characters, although I set in the rcfile:

default;     iso_8859::str2sgml;

(well, the message is not in pure iso-8859-2, but the encoding is very
close to that, so almost all characters shoudl be displayed correctly).

I would be happy if such part would only be mime-decoded, so then I can
apply some conversion. Or is there another way to display it correctly ?

Thanks a lot for help.

The result of the mhonarc conversion is:

-----P&uring;vodn&iacute; zpr&aacute;va-----
Od:     Dana Macharov&aacute; 
Odesl&aacute;no:        12. &rcaron;&iacute;jna 1999 12:46
Komu:   ?Katedry &uacute;stavy'
P&rcaron;edm&ecaron;t:  Oznameni o omezeni provozu na studijnim oddeleni

  V&scaron;em vedouc&iacute;m kateder a ustavu,
vsem pracovn&iacute;k&uring;m,
vsem student&uring;m


And the original part of message looks:

-----Původní zpráva-----
Od:     Dana Macharová [SMTP:machar(_at_)dekanat(_dot_)mff(_dot_)cuni(_dot_)cz]
Odesláno:       12. října 1999 12:46
Komu:   ?Katedry ústavy'
Předmět:        Oznameni o omezeni provozu na studijnim oddeleni

  Všem vedoucím kateder a ustavu,
vsem pracovníkům,
vsem studentům

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