But with -afs flag

1999-10-21 15:43:36
Just a little buglet...

   mx1 329% mhonarc -afs -outdir ./oct99 .mbox/oct99

   ERROR: "oct99" is not readable
   mx1 330% ls -ld oct99
   drwx------   2 80       202         2048 Oct 21 15:22 oct99
   mx1 331% touch oct99/hi ; rm oct99/hi
   mx1 332% chmod a+rwx oct99
   mx1 333% mhonarc -afs -outdir ./oct99 .mbox/oct99
   Converting messages to ./oct99
   Reading .mbox/oct99 .........

Looks like -afs doesn't actually ignore the permissions in the directory,
even though I can write/delete files from it.  This may only be the case
when it's not in -add mode, though.  I haven't tested it any further.


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