Re: Monthly archives--but selectively

1999-10-24 17:25:37
On 10/23/99 at 9:49 PM, lnp3(_at_)columbia(_dot_)edu (Louis N Proyect) wrote:

I can't figure out based on the resource file approach how one can
maintain a month-based html for date-index and ones simultaneously
that extends across months for author and subject. 

Mhonarc, by itself, doesn't have much in the way of multi-archive
capabilities.  I'm looking into creating something which sounds
similar to what you describe (searchable, browsable archives of many
months' subjects and authors), but I'm not yet sure if I want to do it
by parsing directories full of mhonarc-processed HTML, talking to the
database file, or patching mhonarc itself.

I'm presently spelunking through the mhonarc sources to see how much
of the work has been done by Earl, and I'll check in again before I
build anything big.

I'm extremely impressed with the clarity of the mhonarc code.  I've
never tried to read through a perl project of this size before, and
so far it's as much fun as fiction.


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