Problems with the maillist.html file

1999-10-26 18:30:17
Apologies if this is covered in some place I didn't look,
but I did look in the `usual' places, FAQ, list archives, etc...

I've been using mhonarc 2.4.4 for some time.  I have two lists
being archived with it.  I just started noticing that on just one
of the lists the maillist.html file is getting duplicated with
each new message archived.  By duplicated, I mean if there
were 10 message links listed and another message comes
in to be archived, the original 10 links are listed, and a new
block is appended to the file, with the original 10 links and
the new one.  So now the file has 21 links separated in two
blocks, one with 10 links and one with 11 links.
The file gets quite large quite fast.

The mail alias commands are identical, except for the
list name, directories, etc.  The mhonarc.rc files are
similarly identical.

Anyone have a similar problem?  If so, how did you
stop it?


    Ted Frohling (TF30-ARIN)                   The University of Arizona
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