RDF -- configuration example

1999-10-31 01:54:34

Hi all,

MHonArc has been happily producing RDF mailing list indexes for me for
several weeks.  RDF is becoming a more and more popular backend data
interchange format between websites (well, it seems popular with
linux oriented portal sites.) 

I want to share my rcfile, mainly because it's fun to do so,
but also because

 1) it demonstrates the amazing flexiblity of MHonArc
 2) RDF seems cool and I want to encourage it
 3) I thought folks here might be interested

This rcfile needs to be called by the OTHERINDEXES resource, and is
provided as an example only, in the spirit of the examples that are
bundled with the MHonArc itself. This rcfile works well for me - the
output passes the w3c's XML parser, and Alan Cox's "portaloo" is
sucessfully using the output.


PS I once thought the XML project at the Web Consortium was just a
good place to divert the short sighted corporations to so they would
stop messing up HTML. I would have never guessed that something
useful could come out of it!


<!-- This is a MHonArc rcfile, which is designed to
     generate RDF output. RDF is format designed for
     computer to computer communications of data, and
     might be used for providing information produced
     on one web site for display or links on another. 
     RDF contains content information -- and absolutely no 
     information regarding how to render that content.
     I used
     for reference when writing this rcfile.

     This rcfile depends on a variable $X-MAILLIST$ which
     must be defined in the MHonArc call (using -definevar)
     Additionally, this rcfile has many hardcoded references 

     Jeff Breidenbach, jeff(_at_)jab(_dot_)org, Aug 26, 1999, v. 1.0

<!-- ------------------------------------ -->
<!-- Section 0: Configuration adjustments -->
<!-- ------------------------------------ -->

<!-- How many messages do we want on the RDF index? -->

<!-- What file shall we write the RDF index to? -->

<!-- ----------------------------- -->
<!-- Section 1: Specify RDF markup -->
<!-- ----------------------------- -->

<?xml version="1.0"?><rdf:RDF



    <title>$IDXTITLE$ mailing list</title>
    <description>Email archive for $IDXTITLE$.</description>







<!-- ----------------------------------------------------- -->
<!-- Section 2: Remove any HTML left from default settings -->
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------- -->





<!-- --- -->
<!-- End -->
<!-- --- -->

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