Re: Can not find option for setting all fonts to be the same!

1999-10-31 09:58:44
At 07:16 PM 10/30/99 -0400, Penny Hause wrote:
Ooh, good question. The answer to this one might save me from
hand-editing all those Outlook Express multipart-alternative messages
whose authors have chosen their own (often, to me, unreadable) fonts. I
suppose it's a question of writing a filter or something?

Grant Griffith wrote:

    I am not able to find anything in the documentation on how to >
default ALL font to be the same throughout all of the archives.

First try using a style sheet and put a !important on the style rule which
specifies the font that you want globally.  I am not sure of the browser
conformance with this but it is what to try.

Read up on precedence rules in the cascade in the CSS2 spec if you want to
understand why this is what to do.

You could experiment with the CSSize tool as a filter:

or any of the similar tools referenced from

  Existing Evaluation and Repair Tools


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