RE: Problems archiving Outlook Express Messages!

1999-11-03 09:01:54

Could you please post an example of a .dbx file that contains two messages,
so it is possible to examine the raw message headers and what separates
consecutive messages?

The .dbx files on my recent OL Express 5 installation contain binary data as
well as the SMTP message headers and bodies, and I would think that it would
be difficult for MHonArc to process these files directly.  MHonArc assumes
that messages are in plain text files very close to the format used to ship
mail and news over the internet.

-- SP

   I have a client who has kept a huge number of messages
from an E-Mail List and wants to create an archive of them.
I am having problems getting them to run through MHonArc.
Anyone give me any insite on this?  I am getting the
following error when reading in the .dbx file.

Warning:  Could not parse date for message

Grant Griffith

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