RE: Problems archiving Outlook Express Messages!

1999-11-03 10:26:12
On 11/3/99 at 8:47 AM, sp17(_at_)cornell(_dot_)edu (Steve Pacenka) wrote:

Could you please post an example of a .dbx file that contains two
messages, so it is possible to examine the raw message headers and
what separates consecutive messages?

I was recently given some archives as OE for Mac OS mailboxes -- mhonarc
clearly could not read them, but furthermore, OE has no user-level
export functionality, to mbox or any other format.  

The only way to get them out was to write an applescript to go mailbox
to mailbox, writing each message/header combo to a file, writing a From
separator, and moving on to the next.  Thank you, anonymous midlevel
microsoft manager.

But then, perhaps I should be grateful that it supported even a
scriptable export.  I imagine the Win32 version has an analogue,
assuming it suffers from the same lack of obvious export capabilities.


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