Re: pointing to the wrong index files

1999-11-04 01:23:45
On November 2, 1999 at 19:05, Nathaniel Irons wrote:

Intermittently, I get messages in my archives whose thread-index and
date-index buttons unhelpfully refer to the first index pages in their
multipage archives, even though the messages themselves are found on
secondary or later indexes.

I think this is a limitation when using reverse ordering with
multi-page indexes.  I've advocated in the past that reverse ordering
is not needed for multi-page since getting to the last page is easy (
and reverse thread indexing has been continually bothersome in the
past).  Also, excluding the message->index link problem, you take a
bigger performance penalty since all index pages have to be

With respect to the message->index link problem, MHonArc is not
properly tagging messages "dirty" (when a reverse multi-page thread
index is specified).  I am unsure what work is needed to handle this.
BTW, this will even add more of a performance hit for each archive

Thinking about it a little more, it is may be possible the problem
could occur (message->index link not at right page) when the tread
index in non-reverse multi-page.  This will require further testing to

I should note, that message->index was correct at one time.  It
is a problem of it not getting updated.

Note, I have been really busy on a project at my paying job.  So
my responses to MHonArc-related questions may have a slow return
time, and any ones that are complex, or possible bugs, may take
some time before I can provide a solution.  Hopefully, my load will
lighten up at the end of this month.  I have some messages in my
inbox that I do tend to respond to at sometime.

Questions that do not require intimate knowledge about the source code
could possibly be answered by fellow list subscribers.


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