Re: markup in a message page

1999-11-04 01:34:25
On November 2, 1999 at 10:18, "Neil O'Brien" wrote:

Having fiddled around some more, the problem is definitely in the Message
Page generation, I checked the documentation yet I don't see anything in
MsgPgBegin or MsgPgEnd that defines the use of the message subject in an
<H1>. Is this a default setting and if so, how can I override it? The only
use of $subject$ in my resource file is within the <LiTemplate> tags and
other tags defining how the listing is done on an index page.

The Page Layout section of the docs show which resources control
layout of all pages.  In your case, look at the SUBJECTHEADER resource.
Also look at EDITIDX resource for apply page layout changes to existing
archive messages.


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