RE: markup in a message page

1999-11-02 10:01:36

I just re-read this and it is somewhat blunt, any misunderstanding was
obviously because I didn't explain my case very well, my humble apologies if
anyone (well Earl), was offended by that.

Having fiddled around some more, the problem is definitely in the Message
Page generation, I checked the documentation yet I don't see anything in
MsgPgBegin or MsgPgEnd that defines the use of the message subject in an
<H1>. Is this a default setting and if so, how can I override it? The only
use of $subject$ in my resource file is within the <LiTemplate> tags and
other tags defining how the listing is done on an index page.


Neil O'Brien
Senior Support Engineer
Aonix Customer Support

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You misinterpreted what I wanted, it's not that I need to update the
content, as it happens I'm using a very small subset of 4 messages so it's
easy enough to start again anyway.

The problem is that the first message is OK, the second to fourth are not.
This is an Intranet site so I can't show the actual page that is wrong, but
I've included some HTML this time.

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