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1999-11-01 09:39:53

You misinterpreted what I wanted, it's not that I need to update the
content, as it happens I'm using a very small subset of 4 messages so it's
easy enough to start again anyway.

The problem is that the first message is OK, the second to fourth are not.
This is an Intranet site so I can't show the actual page that is wrong, but
I've included some HTML this time.

<BODY STYLE="font-family: Comic Sans MS, Fantasy, Cursive; font-size: 10pt"

<H1>Unix-ObjectAda Date Index
<DIV STYLE="position:relative; width:90%; background:white">
4 messages in chronological order<br>
Last Updated: Sun Oct 31 1999 <br>
[&nbsp;<a href="">Previous</a>
&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="msg00002.html">Next</a>
[&nbsp;<a href="msg00000.html">Previous</a>
&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="msg00002.html">Next</a>

<H1>Unix-OA: pragma Ident or similar in ObjectAda?</H1>

The problem I think is the two <H1> lines, but I'm not defining any <H1>'s
in the <MsgPgBegin> markup. I think the first one is a concatenation of two
values, LISTNAME which is my own defined value, and IDXLABEL. The question
is why this occurs in the 2nd-4th messages but not the first?

The second <H1> tag is the message subject, again, I'm not specifically
declaring a $SUBJECT$ in an <H1> tag, so why is it there?


Neil O'Brien
Senior Support Engineer
Aonix Customer Support

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On October 31, 1999 at 15:25, "Neil O'Brien" wrote:

How do I get my pages to have a consistent markup?

If you make layout changes in a resource file to an existing archive,
you will probably need to use -editidx on the archive to have the
new layout settings affect existing messages.


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