Otherindex problem

1999-11-04 08:33:09
I have successfully built an index sorted by author using the Otherindex
feature, when running from the command line. But when I make the same call
from within a Perl script invoked by procmail, the index gets screwed up.
Names are not sorted correctly, as indicated in:

The procmail command looks like this:

:0 c
* ^To:(_dot_)mylist(_at_)lists(_dot_)panix(_dot_)com

The system call from within Perl:

/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -add 
-rcfile /users/lnp3/public_html/archives/$month$year/main.rc 
-outdir /users/lnp3/public_html/archives/$month$year

(To reiterate, this command works fine when issued from the command line.)

($month and $year is populated by a `date` call. main.rc specifies
author.rc which is in the same subdirectory.)

Louis Proyect

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