Precedence of options

1999-11-07 10:56:15

OK, so I solved all my markup problems, it was the markup for
<SUBJECTHEADER> I was missing, thanks Earl.

So next issue, I was archiving one of the smaller lists and my markup on the
message pages was using the default value of "Mail Index"  and Thread Index
for the title, even though I had defined <TITLE> and <TTITLE> in my resource
file. I checked into it, and it seems that using a resource variable
M2H_RCFILE instead of specifying the file on the command line overrides
values in the resource file.

This looks suspiciously like a bug, but maybe I'm misunderstanding the
precedence. From the documentation, command line overrides environment
variables which override resource files, but shouldn't this just be for
commonly defined values? The commands I was using were

mhonarc <path-to-mbox>


mhonarc - rcfile <path-to-rcfile> <path-to-mbox>

In the first case, I'm using M2H_RCFILE to point to the resource file. By
using the second format, even though it is exactly the same resource file,
the markup is correct. In the first, the markup for <TITLE>, <TTITLE> and a
few others is ignored. If I haven't redefined them, why does the first form
use the default markup even if the resource file has a new definition?


Neil O'Brien
Senior Support Engineer
Aonix Customer Support

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