Re: Translating web links in archive

1999-11-07 13:04:40
At 08:17 PM 10/26/99 , Earl Hood wrote:
> Is there a resource that I can set in the config to have web links in
> archive's open a new web browser (target="_blank")?
Look at the MIMEFILTERS resource page and the options available
for the text/plain filter: m2h_text_plain::filter.

Well, I looked at that section and found, what I think, was the correct parameter... but it doesn't work.

Here's what I put in the MRC file ...

text/plain:maxwidth=80 quote target=_blank

But the target isn't used...

Here's an example ... http://midrange/archive/midrange-l/199911/msg00502.html

Any suggestions?


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