Re: is windowing still kicking around?

1999-11-12 15:39:20
On November 11, 1999 at 23:25, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

A long time ago, there was a discussion of making MHonArc
work with windowing - for example, having new messages only
thread against the most recent thousand messages in an archive.
The idea was that things might go quicker for small additions to
large archives. 

Is this idea still kicking around?

Yep, but on the back burner.  With current load at my paying job
and some recent bugs and suggestions reported, it may be awhile.
I have several messages I have yet to really address and respond
to about MHonArc.

The reason I ask, is that I am
thinking about MHonArc performance again, and I see the possible
improvements as:

a) switch to a better filesystem like reiserfs
b) faster hardware, both storage and processor(s) 
c) split up big archives

If windowing is a possibility in the long term, I'll
let a and b and keep me busy.

I think it is a possibility.  The challenge is dealing with
threading.  Also, such a feature will definitely have some limitations
like: Can not use REVERSE and TREVERSE, OTHERINDEXES will probably
be unusable, older message removal may not be supported, database
recovering maybe limited (or at least difficult to implement), etc.


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