Re: persistently linking to within archives

1999-11-24 16:38:30
On November 19, 1999 at 13:31, Nathaniel Irons wrote:

I was also planning to use DBI/MySQL, but Earl points out in the above
thread that DB_file could be just as good, and a whole lot easier to
possibly incorporate into the mhonarc codebase.

read_mail_header() in is where a hook to a database
can be done.  It would probably require some adjustments since the
message number is not assigned within it but by calling code.
Otherwise, the hook can be added where the message number is
assigned so you can have the proper URL.

If the idea is basically sound, I'd like to request:

a)  a resource specifying the host of the made-up message-ids
    as something less alarming than ""
    (patching seems undesirable)

That is easy to add.  The current method does make it
obvious that no ID was found.

b)  a resource variable to reference the message-ID within the
    message layout.

Already exists.

c)  feedback.

As for Al's comments about message IDs, it is straight-forward to
modify MHonArc to look at multiple header fields for determining
the ID to use.  However, it can affect threading calculations if
the ID you tell mhonarc to use is not the ID MUAs will reference
in message replies.


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