Re: Strange blow up -- additional info

1999-12-08 22:35:44
On December 8, 1999 at 11:06, Dorothy Firsching wrote:

I reinstalled the Perl that I already had been using.  5.003_007.

This is an old version.  Upgrade Perl. has
a nice installation for Perl.  On my Win98 box at work I have
5.005_03 build 518 (ActiveState), and it is roughly a year old.
I believe 5.003 was flakey.

That was the first thing I did because I suspected it was Perl.
Then it seemed to run for a few more messages before blowing up.
So maybe it is still a Perl problem? Any suggestions?

I think it is Perl.  Upgrading MHonArc may help with this particular
problem, but a call to timegm() still exists in MHonArc.  The
difference is that Time::Local is now used.  Therefore, if the bug is
with, upgrading MHonArc may avoid the bug with the version
of perl you have.

Good luck,


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