Strange blow up

1999-12-06 20:00:57
After successfully using MHonArc for a couple of years, I've run into this:

Reading dmposts.mbx... undefined subroutine &main::timegm called at 
C:\Perl\LIB/ line 60 <FOPEN2> chunk 397.

I reinstalled Perl and MHonArc. I'm still on 2.2.0, just never got around to 
upgrading, but it was working fine.

It seems that this is data dependent, rather than a problem caused by my 
machine clobbering a routine or something.
I could add 4 messages OK, 8 messages OK, then when adding another message I 
get the same error (and it does not seem to matter which message I add -- I've 
gotten it on about 4 different messages I've tried to add next.)

Could this be a problem with the time on one of the messages I already added?  
How do I find out?



Dorothy Firsching
Nautilus Systems, Inc.
3867 Alder Woods Court
Fairfax, VA  22033

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