Please help me make mhonarc work with Wilma?

1999-12-03 16:24:18
I've been running MHonArc quite a while and I've built up a pretty long
list of messages.  Now I want to understand how Wilma is supposed to
work with it, but I don't understand references to Majordomo and the
Wilma configuration/README is a bit confusing for me.

Suppose I've got the output from MHonArc sitting here:

That directory has an index file and a bunch of msg000xx.html files.

I've installed wilma's cgi files, and did my best to install wilma. I
figured to put the wilma stuff in
and I put the index directory under there.

WHat I can't seem to get right is the configuration of the files for
Wilma because I do not understand their terms (which it assumes are
defined, but I can't see where). Is there some unspoken assumption that
the wilma directory is the same as the directory where mhonarc writes
its files? it seems like the answer must be yes???

 In other words, will you please tell me what to put here in
.wilma/ I don't get what it means by "HTML archive
directory". Current mhonarc or HTML dir built by wilma???

LIST = your_list_name
# [ wilma ]
# The title text for the list
TITLE = A Sample List Title
# [ wilma wilma_reindex wilma_hiliter ]
# Pathname of the HTML archive directory (not including the archive
# directory itself).
ARC_DIR = /path/to/your/$LIST.w3archive
# [ wilma ]

ARC_URL = /your/$LIST.w3archive
# [ wilma_reindex ]
# Pathname of the raw mail list archive directory if different than the
# HTML archive. Leave blank if the same.
ARC_MBOX = /path/to/your/$LIST.archive
# [ wilma wilma_reindex ]
# A Perl regular expression returning the year and month numbers
# in $1 and $2, respectively, from the HTML archive directory
# name. Backslashes must be doubled due to configuration variable
# interpolation.
ARC_REGEX  = ((?:19|20)?\\d\\d)(\\d\\d)$

# [ wilma_glimpse ]
# Pathname of the archive index directory.

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