Re: Please help me make mhonarc work with Wilma?

1999-12-04 18:43:51
Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs(_at_)math(_dot_)uh(_dot_)edu> writes:

In any case, the references to Majordomo are there because Wilma is
intended to take a set of Majordomo archives, run MHonArc over them and
then index the result with Glimpse.  If you don't have Majordomo archives
to work with then it seems to me that you're trying to apply the program
outside of its intended problem domain.  That's a fine thing to do and is
probably not terribly hard to hack together, assuming you know Perl and
such, but I won't go into that here (mainly because I haven't been in the
Wilma code in so long that I have lost most of the context).

In my case it might be easier to make the files I want searchable
look like majordom output.  I know very little perl but can rework
the message format to be anything or the directories they are in.

I'm working with tiny archives compared to the monster ding archive
you work with.

Mine are not live archives but static directories full of old mail
news etc.  

Can you describe in some detail what Majordomo output looks like?

Is it just a directory with dated unix-format (mbox?) spools.

Something like /spool-dir/03-99.spool 04-99-spool  etc under it?
Spools using the unix-format "From " separator?