Re: Please help me make mhonarc work with Wilma?

1999-12-04 17:02:36
"PJ" == Paul Johnson <pauljohn(_at_)ukans(_dot_)edu> writes:

PJ> I've been running MHonArc quite a while and I've built up a pretty long
PJ> list of messages.  Now I want to understand how Wilma is supposed to
PJ> work with it, but I don't understand references to Majordomo and the
PJ> Wilma configuration/README is a bit confusing for me.

I only rarely scan this mailing list; it would have been quicker to contact
the Wilma authors (of which I am one) directly.

In any case, the references to Majordomo are there because Wilma is
intended to take a set of Majordomo archives, run MHonArc over them and
then index the result with Glimpse.  If you don't have Majordomo archives
to work with then it seems to me that you're trying to apply the program
outside of its intended problem domain.  That's a fine thing to do and is
probably not terribly hard to hack together, assuming you know Perl and
such, but I won't go into that here (mainly because I haven't been in the
Wilma code in so long that I have lost most of the context).

PJ> Suppose I've got the output from MHonArc sitting here:

But that's the whole problem; Wilma doesn't want the output from MHonArc.
It wants a bunch of Majordomo archives (which really are just standard MBOX
files) named so as to indicate the list they belong to and the year and
month that they span.

PJ> Is there some unspoken assumption that the wilma directory is the same
PJ> as the directory where mhonarc writes its files? it seems like the
PJ> answer must be yes???

I believe the documentation only refers to "the .wilma directory", which
you should have made according to step 3 in the README file:

  Create a subdirectory named .wilma where you installed the Wilma
  files. This directory is where the configuration files for the archives
  are kept.

PJ> I don't get what it means by "HTML archive directory".

The place where Wilma will place the results of running MHonArc over the
Majordomo archives.  See step 5 of the README, and this in step 6:

  Create an info.html or info.txt file in the HTML archive directory
  created in step 5.

 - J<