Re: postprocessing filter for archive files

1999-12-13 09:58:22
On 12/13/99 at 5:51 PM, oskar(_at_)ifcomputer(_dot_)co(_dot_)jp (Oskar 

Is there simple way to run a filter on all newly generated
output files? Happy about any hint.

(Sorry if this is a trivial question. I am not familiar with Perl.
If I can run output files through a filter then it becomes
easy to produce archives _with_ Japanese characters and _without_
browser side guesswork.)

I'm not clear if you're inquiring about scheduling (that is, reliably
firing a process after every mhonarc run), or if you're asking how to
write a filter in perl.  

Regardless, you appear to be assuming that you require a separate
program to accomplish something you believe not to fall within MHonArc's
scope, in which case, it would be helpful to know what you plan, in
order to determine whether or not such unconventional measures are even

Also, I'm not sure what any of those possibilities necessarily have to
do with characters in any particular script system, and I do not
understand what you mean by "browser-side guesswork."

Perhaps you could elaborate?


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