Re[2]: postprocessing filter for archive files

1999-12-13 21:06:52
Thank you for your reply. Sorry my question was not clear.
Q: How/where to attach an existing filter (e.g. shell script, perl 
or any executable) to mhonarc when when it writes a new HTML
message or index file.

I want to use mhonarc to htmlconvert mail folders that include 
Japanese characters. 

Mail folders are encoded in JIS. Mhonarc correctly processes this,
and, as far as I can see, outputs correct JIS.

But HTML files should be in Shift-JIS or EUC, not JIS.
This for three reasons:
 1 - the resulting HTML is human-readable 
 2 - the resulting HTML is machine-searchable
     e.g. ht:/dig will do just fine with EUC
 3 - the resulting HTML can be tagged with the specific
     character set, e.g. for EUC:
   <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html;CHARSET=x-euc-jp">
     on a *per-document* basis for reliable delivery.

Previous postings to this list suggested to
add character encoding information to the server configuration.
This would limit your server to documents of one common encoding,
so I believe per-document encoding is preferable.

to exploit browser heuristics. These are easy to break and 
I would rather serve correct documents.

Filters to convert from JIS to Shift-JIS or to EUC are widely
available, also for other multibyte languages. 
If properly integrated into mhonarc I believe it will be
straightforward to build multi-cultural mailing list web archives.

Please let me know if one of my premises is flawed or if
I overlooked functionality that is already available in MHonarc.


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