Re: list of error return codes

2000-01-25 04:42:34
On January 24, 2000 at 17:41, Andrew McGregor wrote:

Is there a list of error return codes available anywhere?

Yes, in the source code :)

After seeing the errors in my way of using a script and then
using setuid this is the code I replaced it with:

  mhonarc::initialize() or die "$!: #2 - mhonarc::initialize\n\n";

mhonarc::initialize() has no defined return value, so checking
for one is not needed.

    '-rcfile', "$config",
    '-outdir', "$outdir",
  ) or die "$!: #3 - mhonarc::process_input\n\n";

Software error:

No such file or directory: #3 - mhonarc::process_input 

is it something that is referencing and I havent set
the paths properly?

If mhonarc::process_input() does not return a true value, then
$mhonarc::CODE will contain the recommend exit code.  If non-zero,
the value is usually determined by a failed file operation.  However,
a value of 75 signifies an archive lock could not be obtained.
Sendmail treats 75 as to try again at a later time.

From the error message, it looks like $outdir or $mailbox are
not valid.  Try running w/o -quiet or print out what $mailbox and
$outdir is to see of they are valid.


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