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2000-01-25 06:04:05
I had removed die #2, and it got passed that stage so I had 'hoped'
it would be OK - but it is always good to be reassured.

After experimenting with options it was '-outdir', "$outdir",
that was causing the error, this was fixed by removing the ""'s.
I've no idea why, even though the same code works on another
server...but anyway thanks (again) for your help.


Earl Hood wrote:

On January 24, 2000 at 17:41, Andrew McGregor wrote:

Is there a list of error return codes available anywhere?

Yes, in the source code :)

After seeing the errors in my way of using a script and then
using setuid this is the code I replaced it with:

  mhonarc::initialize() or die "$!: #2 - mhonarc::initialize\n\n";

mhonarc::initialize() has no defined return value, so checking
for one is not needed.

    '-rcfile', "$config",
    '-outdir', "$outdir",
  ) or die "$!: #3 - mhonarc::process_input\n\n";

Software error:

No such file or directory: #3 - mhonarc::process_input

is it something that is referencing and I havent set
the paths properly?

If mhonarc::process_input() does not return a true value, then
$mhonarc::CODE will contain the recommend exit code.  If non-zero,
the value is usually determined by a failed file operation.  However,
a value of 75 signifies an archive lock could not be obtained.
Sendmail treats 75 as to try again at a later time.

From the error message, it looks like $outdir or $mailbox are
not valid.  Try running w/o -quiet or print out what $mailbox and
$outdir is to see of they are valid.


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