Re: mhonarcing an egroups list

2000-01-26 15:32:33
On 1/25/2000 at 7:41 AM, kirez(_at_)wetheliving(_dot_)com (Kirez Korgan) wrote:

he has them either at egroups, or on his home computer in MS Outlook. 
How shall I convert these archives? Can I process an MS Outlook
mailbox if he sends it to me?

You're going to have to provide some information about the format in
which egroups will give you the archives.  I took a quick look at the
site and didn't see anything along those lines (not too surprising, as
it would seem to undermine their business model).

As for outlook, please refer to the list archives, and come back with
more detail if you have questions not covered previously.


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