RE: mhonarcing an egroups list

2000-01-26 16:05:54
Outlook uses Microsoft's MAPI storage model for its messages, address book,
calendar, etc.  Its native file format is useless with MHonArc.

Outlook 98 can export messages to a CSV format like that appended.  Perhaps
there is enough information in this to make it worthwhile to compose a file
for MHonArc to deal with.

If you're using MS Windows, another option would be to use another program
that can import from Outlook's message files; I believe that Eudora can do
this.  Eudora's own message files work well with MHonArc.  Maybe Netscape?

Yet another option would be to write a dumper for the MAPI storage file in
Perl.  MS's "Active Messaging" exposes an object model that contains all of
the stored data, including the original intact SMTP header if a message
arrived from an internet source.  This is not trivial since the dumper has
to navigate the tree structure of the MAPI store and isolate messages from
other types of data.  This probably requires Windows, though I have seen a
Perl module that purported to read the files without MS' object API

-- SP

===== Example of CSV file exported from Outlook 98 email folder ======

"Subject","Body","From: (Name)","From: (Address)","From: (Type)","To:
(Name)","To: (Address)","To: (Type)","CC: (Name)","CC: (Address)","CC:
(Type)","BCC: (Name)","BCC: (Address)","BCC: (Type)","Billing
"CERT(R) Advisory Mailing List","Your name has been added to the CERT
advisory mailing list.
We use this mailing list only to notify you of computer-related
security problems and issues, and we PGP sign our mail.

[[[[body abbreviated]]]]

","CERT Advisory","cert-advisory(_at_)cert(_dot_)org","SMTP","Steven
"CERT Summary CS-99.02","-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----

[[[[body abbreviated]]]]

"CERT Advisory CA-99.05 - statd-automountd","-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED

[[[[body abbreviated]]]]

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