need to rebuild *.html from .mhonarc.db

2000-02-01 10:38:30
I accidentally deleted all the *.html files.  Is it possible to
regenerate them from the .db file?  -editidx doesn't seem to work, it
tells me that it failed to open "msg0019.html" - there are 19 messages
in the database.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As an interesting side note - this is the second time this has happened
to me this morning.  For some reason, this archive was showing 480
messages, but only 20 in the threads.html, and strangely, 21 in the main
index.  Thinking that -editidx would just rewrite all the relevant html,
I wiped out all the .html. I was a little surprised when it started with
the unable to open "msg*.html"  I spent 20 minutes or so looking for a
soloution in the mail list archives, and while I found lots of messages
about regenerating the .db from the .html, i found none about going the
other direction.

Frustrated, I ran -editidx again, and it worked!  the only interim step
i had taken was to run -msgpgs.  Confident in my victory, i've just
deleted all the *.html for my second archive.  -editidx is generating
the error, and -msgpgs doesn't seem to be helping this time.

I think I'll wait to hear back from you all before I repeat this on
archive number 3.  :o)


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