Problems with the 'converted message body'

2000-02-04 09:56:50
I've some problems with the <pre>-tag which Mhonarc are surrounding the
converted message body with, so I would like to get rid of it.
I found quite some help on this problem in this list and on the
help-pages, but now I'm stuck in some new problems.
I found a place telling that I could get rid of the pre-tag by appending
a bit to the MIMEFilter-ressource (the nonfixed argument to the
plain/text filter), so I inserted the following in my ressource-file:
application/*;             m2h_external::filter;
application/x-patch;       m2h_text_plain::filter;
audio/*;                   m2h_external::filter;
chemical/*;                m2h_external::filter;
model/*;                   m2h_external::filter;
image/*;                   m2h_external::filter;
message/delivery-status;   m2h_text_plain::filter;
message/partial;           m2h_text_plain::filter;
text/*;                    m2h_text_plain::filter;
text/enriched;             m2h_text_enriched::filter;
text/html;                 m2h_text_html::filter;
text/plain;                m2h_text_plain::filter nonfixed;
text/richtext;             m2h_text_enriched::filter;
text/setext;               m2h_text_setext::filter;
text/tab-separated-values; m2h_text_tsv::filter;
text/x-html;               m2h_text_html::filter;
text/x-setext;             m2h_text_setext::filter;
video/*;                   m2h_external::filter;
x-sun-attachment;          m2h_text_plain::filter;

(I included all the defaults so that I didn't overwrite them)
But now the converted messages has the following instead of the message
Could not process message with given Content-Type: text/plain;

What does this mean? Why can this be? The doc-pages says that the
iso-8859-1 is supported...

Hope someone knows how to get rid of the pre-tag without getting this
Best regards
Peter Vestergaard

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