MHonArc v2.4.5 available

2000-02-14 16:55:21

I'd like to announce the availability of MHonArc v2.4.5 and
also the existance of MHonArc's new home page:
<>.  The old page should automaticaaly
redirect you to the new location.

What is different in v2.4.5:

    o   Following changes to m2h_text_html::filter:
        -   All comment declarations are removed.  This avoid
            potential SSI attacks and declarations that may conflict
            with MHonArc.
        -   Additional tags have been added to the to-strip list
            to avoid potential client-side scripting attacks.  See
            MIMEFILTERS docs for list.
        -   Added "nofont" option to strip out any <font> tags.

    o   Added application/x-bzip2 to known mime types (

    o   Simple modification to get_time_from_date() in to
        handle abhorrent case of message date using a 2 digit year.

    o   Under VMS, the default lock file name has been changed to
        "mhonarc_lck" for directory based locking will work.

    o   mhonarc::htmlize/entify now translates the double-quote
        character (") to &quot;.

    o   Added VARREGEX resource to allow customization of resource
        variable matching.  Mainly for use with resource files written
        on multibyte charsets like SJIS.  Use with caution.

    Bug Fixes
    Problem:        $PGLINKLIST$ for threads did not work.
    Solution:       Fixed in

    Problem:        -afs had no effect.
    Solution:       Fixed in Option was not checked.

    Problem:        %y print 3 digits in time format strings if year 2000
                    or later.
    Solution:       Fixed in

    Problem:        <PRE> tags are printed when decoding ISO-2022-JP
                    encoded header text.
    Solution:       Fixed in

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