To: field resource variable

2000-02-18 01:44:50
I have a mailfolder of scholarly contributions (?) I have made to
a number of email lists or sent to individuals and I have used
MHONARC v2.3 to turn these into a Web archive. 

How can I replace the From: line provided by the $FROM$ resource
variable in the LITEMPLATE resource in the main index with the
text in the To: field of these emails? 

With the default LITEMPLATE the address for each of the emails is
just my own and this is not very helpful. I notice there doesn't
seem to appear an appropriate variable for this sort of archive
in the list of the resource variables, at least in v2.3.

Thanks again for a piece of software which gives me a great deal
of pleasure.

Greg Matheson                           The Internet from time
Chinmin College, Taiwan                 to time claims this 
lang(_at_)ms(_dot_)chinmin(_dot_)edu(_dot_)tw                   address does 
not exist

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