Re: To: field resource variable

2000-02-18 03:17:47
On February 18, 2000 at 15:26, Greg Matheson wrote:

How can I replace the From: line provided by the $FROM$ resource
variable in the LITEMPLATE resource in the main index with the
text in the To: field of these emails? 

With the default LITEMPLATE the address for each of the emails is
just my own and this is not very helpful. I notice there doesn't
seem to appear an appropriate variable for this sort of archive
in the list of the resource variables, at least in v2.3.

You can either modify the code, or try the following hack in
your resource file:


If the To: field is defined in the message, it will be assigned
to the $FROM$ variable.  If To: contains multiple addresses,
using variables like $FROMADDRNAME$ could be interesting.

Note, making this change will only affect new messages.  To
affect existing messages, you will have to regenerate the archive
from the original message data.


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